WKU Interclub Results

We had an amazing day at the World Karate Union Traditional England Interclub in Swadlincote. We took 11 competitors who brought 22 medals home. Many of our competitors were out for the first time and they did themselves and their Club proud with their effort, etiquette and results.

Yesterday we took a team of 11 to the WKU Interclub, of those 11 competitors, 8 had never competed before or had never competed in traditional disciplines. Our mighty squad of 11 brought home 22 medals for the Club.

We’re so proud not just of the results, but the dedication, teamwork, resilience, and decorum our members showed yesterday. Everybody grew as martial artists and as people. Sometimes the only way forward is to dig deep, even when it’s hard, and push through. You all showed an amazing ability to do that, to be resilient to tough decisions and hard moments.

Flick, Finley, Michelle, Dom, Oliver, Pedro, John, Phil – it was your first times out and you had some really tough categories. You kept your head (metaphorically) high, you got stuck in and fought your very best, and you were rewarded with some fantastic results and some hard earned medals. You’ve learned more in one day competing than you could’ve learned in months of training. Be proud of your achievements, and be proud of the courage and determination is takes to get onto the mats.

Stefan and Leo, your experience and work ethic is starting to shine through now. You’re helping to lead the way for the less experienced competitors, and are really coming along so well and I’m incredibly proud to coach you.

Flick, Shep, and Ciaran – thank you so much for all of your support. I know they’re long days and hard work, but it would be so much harder to have the squad running without you. It cannot be understated how much value you added to the squad yesterday, and we all thank you so sincerely for it.

Pedro and Stefan – watching you two take on being role models to the younger students, leading the way with etiquette and coaching and supporting your team mates, and how you’re taking the youngsters under your wings is so wholesome. I love watching them all looking up to you for support and guidance, as well as the playful energy you both have with the youngsters, it’s testament to the fine young men you’re growing to be.

  • 🥇 Gold for Flick in points
  • 🥇 Gold for Leo in points
  • 🥇 Gold for Stefan in Kumite
  • 🥈 Silver for Matt in Kata
  • 🥈 Silver for Stefan in Points
  • 🥈 Silver for Finley in Kumite
  • 🥈 Silver for Finley in Points
  • 🥈 Silver for Michelle in Points
  • 🥈 Silver for Michelle in Kumite
  • 🥈 Silver for Dom in Points
  • 🥉 Bronze for Flick in Kumite
  • 🥉 Bronze for Leo in Kumite
  • 🥉 Bronze for Leo in Kata
  • 🥉 Bronze for Oliver in Kumite
  • 🥉 Bronze for Oliver in Points
  • 🥉 Bronze for Phil in Kumite
  • 🥉 Bronze for Phil in Points
  • 🥉 Bronze for Pedro in Kumite
  • 🥉 Bronze for Pedro in Points
  • 🥉 Bronze for John in Points
  • 🥉 Bronze for John in Kumite
  • 🥉 Bronze for Dom in Kumite

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