Peterborough Championship Series 2023 Day 3 Results

The final competition for the season for us, and it was a great day with some great results for the squad, bringing home 7 podium finishes.

Peterborough Championship Series is always a firm favourite in our calendar. They had some changes to the way the competition ran this time and we were very impressed at how well the day went. As always a massive thanks to Sensei Hicks and the team for putting on another great event.

  1. First out was Shihan Brian, taking silver in Veteran’s Kata
  2. Leo Johnson was out next for points, an unlucky result for him this time, finishing in 4th place
  3. Then was Advanced Kata. Shihan took the gold earning Grand Champion for the year. Matt took Bronze after a 3-way tie for Gold. Nath a very close runner up
  4. Leo was out again next getting himself silver in a hard fought final for Continuous
  5. Next out at near enough the same time, were father and son Stefan and Stefan. Both taking silver in their respective points categories in some tough bouts
  6. As the afternoon went on Stefan Jr went out for his first Continuous fights and did himself very proud, earning himself a silver medal
  7. Finally for the day Nath went out for his continuous, a really tough category dominated by some absolutely top tier fighters. A hard earned runner up for him in that category

I’ll do another article recapping this properly, but a year on from our first time out as a squad, the improvements are so visible. Very proud coaching team over here from the effort and resilience that these competitors have shown over the last year. Well done all, hold your heads high.

Final quick note – I completely forgot to get a whole squad photo on the day. So my sincerest apologies to Shihan and Nath for not being in the above photo.

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