Club Safeguarding Statement

As a club that provides services and classes to young persons and/or adults at risk, we take our safeguarding procedures very seriously. Whilst this document is NOT our safeguarding policy, it does aim to introduce you to our safeguarding mechanisms and acts as our safeguarding statement.

We would ask that you please take a moment to read our safeguarding policy, which is available here or freely upon request. 

We have designated our Governing Body, British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) to act as our club’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). BMABA can provide an impartial and expert response to safeguarding concerns if you do not feel you can raise it with our club directly. You should still contact our club first with concerns, if you feel you can.

If you need to contact BMABA, you can do so by visiting or by emailing [email protected]. Our assigned Lead Officer is Aimee Little. In her absence, another suitably trained deputy will be available from BMABA’s dedicated safeguarding team.

Our Safeguarding Procedures

As a club, Oubaitori Karate Club take our safeguarding procedures very seriously. Whilst this document aims to briefly bring you up to speed on our safeguarding procedures, it is not a substitute for our safeguarding policy and other related articles, which are available freely upon request.

We have a full safeguarding policy in place and all instructors are DBS Checked to an enhanced level, with Matt Johnson being appointed as a our Safeguarding Lead.

All Instructors hold a relevant safeguarding qualification that helps them identify the need for proper safeguarding protocols and deal with any concerns efficiently and effectively. 

We would ask that any persons interested in finding out more take the time to read through our safeguarding policy and associated guidelines in full, and raise any questions you may have with our person responsible for safeguarding in point 3.

Safeguarding Contacts

The safeguarding officer for our Club is

Matt Johnson
Head Coach
[email protected] / 01733 639192

We delegate our safeguarding to the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association’s Safeguarding Lead, details below

BMABA National Designated Safeguarding Lead: Kirsty Hawkins
Telephone Number: 01798 306546 (ext. 201)
E-Mail: [email protected]

If for any reason you are not comfortable reporting a safeguarding concern to the above named contact you should contact the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO), available on the below details;

LADO Peterborough – 01733 864038
Peterborough Out of Hours Emergency Duty Team: 01733 864180
Email [email protected]
More information:

Everyone has a responsibility to safeguard, and as all of our instructors are safeguarding qualified, you may approach any member of staff with a safeguarding concern and they will respond appropriately.

Who is responsible for Safeguarding

Everybody has a responsibility to safeguard children and/or adults at risk from abuse.

Within our club, our Head Coach (Matt Johnson) assumes ultimate responsibility for our internal safeguarding procedures and management. 

You should speak with Matt Johnson about any feedback or questions you might have on how we manage and safeguard our members.

Our Safeguarding Objectives

Our safeguarding objectives are to create a place that is safe and professional in which young persons, children and/or adults at risk may participate freely, without fear of abuse or distress. The safety of our members is our number one concern. 

Our Governing Organisation

Oubaitori Karate Club is a registered member of the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA), a UK organisation that promotes, regulates and develops grass roots martial arts. If you have any concerns regarding our attitude toward safeguarding, our club’s competencies and qualifications or a complaint that you do not feel we have dealt with effectively, you can contact the association directly on the below details;

BMABA Lead Safeguarding Officer; Kirsty Hawkins / [email protected] / 01798 306546. 

More Information

For more information on our safeguarding procedures, or if you would like to view any associated articles (such as our safeguarding policy) please speak with an instructor or contact us on the below details;

Matt Johnson[email protected] – 01733 639192

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