Orton Karate Classes

With thanks to Karate for Good. Karate for all in Orton, Peterborough

In our Orton Karate class we practice Shukokai Karate. This is a combination of Shitoryu and Gojuryu Karate created in Japan by Master Tani.

We teach

  • Karate for physical fitness and mental wellness
  • Karate for sport and self defence
  • Karate for self discipline and mental fortitude

This class is lead by Sensei Matt with Senpais Nath and Flick, in the heart of where Sensei Matt grew up. This allows him to bring Karate back to the community with the Karate for Good Partnership.

How do the sessions work?

The session runs in two parts. The first part is for everybody and provides a foundation of Karate. The session starts at 6.30pm.

At 7.45pm the session finishes for children and beginners. Adults and more advanced students are welcome to stay for an additional 45 minutes of training. This time is spent on more intense and/or advanced techniques and excersizes.

Orton Karate Timetable

Day / Time

Fridays from 6.30pm
Families/Children until 7.45pm
Teens/Adults until 8.30pm


Herlington Community Centre
Orton Malbourne

Orton Karate Instructors

Sensei Matt Johnson

2nd Dan Shukokai Karate
Head Coach, English Champion

Senpai Felicity Johnson

3rd Kyu Shukokai Karate
Assistant Instructor

Sign up for your free trial

All students receive a free 2-lesson trial to make sure that we are the right match!
Did we mention that we’re not-for-profit? That means our only aim is to do good in our community, and to pass on the lessons that were taught to us.

Please don’t worry about what training with us might cost. We have a transparent outline of all costs in our pricing page.

If you think this might stop you from training (or make it difficult) please visit the Karate for Good page.

The Karate for Good page has information about full scholarships and funding that our students can get.

What happens once I have signed up?

After you have filled in the form a member of our team (usually Sensei Matt) will be in touch with you. We will talk to you about why you want your child train and answer any questions that you might have.

We will try to find the right day and class for your child, and make sure everything is ready for their first day in the Dojo!

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