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Karate in Orton

Our Orton (PE2) Martial Arts classes, with thanks to the Karate for Good Partnership

About our Orton Karate Class

In our Orton Karate class we practice freestyle and traditional Shukokai Karate. This is a combination of Shitoryu and Gojuryu Karate created in Japan by Master Tani.

This class is lead by Sensei Matt assisted by Senpai Flick and Shep, in the heart of where Sensei Matt and Shep grew up. This allows them to bring Karate back to the community with the Karate for Good Partnership.

We teach Karate for sport (traditional Karate and freestyle/kickboxing), for spirit and self improvement, and for self defence.

All ages Karate

Our classes start at 6.30pm and for the first hour and 15 minutes this class is for all ages. This has a number of benefits. The youngsters bring the energy to the room, and allow families to train together, whilst also encouraging all members to be understanding of other students and learn to work with control and to help and encourage.

Having the adults in the room gives the youngsters someone to look up to, but it also means that when children get to a certain size/age they don’t have to suddenly uproot to another class.

Much of the syllabus can be taught to all ages simultaneously.

What we teach

We believe that everything we teach should have practical application. This is why we’re keen to bridge the gap between traditional and freestyle Karate. We achieve this by teaching the fundamentals of our traditional style, and layering adaptation and freestyle (kickboxing) techniques in with that.

Our classes cover basics (Kihon), partner work, real time drills and sparring (Kumite) and Kata with an emphasis on practicality.

Karate for Teens & Adults

After the first session, there is an additional session for teens and adults. This allows for more exploration on practical self defence, a higher technical focus, and higher intensity sparring for those who want it.

It also allows teens and adults more space to freely work at a higher intensity and gives them a total of 2 hours of training.


Herlington Community Centre, Herlington, Orton Malborne, Peterborough, PE2 5PW


01733 639 192

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If you have any questions or queries, we’d be happy to answer them. All student receive their first 2 lessons as a free trial.