Grading, also known as “belt testing”, occurs every 3-4 months, and is when new belts are awarded as a result of passing an examination of your syllabus.

Grading Information

Next Grading Date: 23rd June 2024

If you have not registered and paid by this date, you will not be eligible for grading.

Grading will be held at Vivacity Werrington Leisure Centre, Staniland Way, PE4 6NA starting at 10am.

Karate for Good Funded students must still register, funding will be provided via Karate for Good for the payment of the grading.

Grading is an event, like a lesson, where students perform their syllabus in order to earn their next grades (belts). This is sometimes called “belt testing”.

We grade every 3 months. Normally this is in March, June, September, and December.

Not everybody grades at every grading. Only students who have the required attendance, attitude/behaviour and technical skills can grade.

Grading costs £30 for one student, £50 for two students, or £70 for three students. This follows the same rules as the family/household discounts.

Students must have a traditional white Gi, sparring equipment, and a valid license to be allowed grade. If you do not have a license, get one here.

Register for Grading


If you register for grading, and the instructing team decide you are not ready to grade, you will be refunded in full. If you register for grading, and then do not attend or participate in grading, you may receive a partial refund, at the discretion of the Club. If you are unable to grade due to incorrect equipment or are not licensed you will not be able to grade and will not receive a refund. If you do not pass this grading, you will not receive a refund, but may receive a discount at the next grading, at the discretion of the Club.

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