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Oubaitori Karate Club competes at levels up to and including international in a range of disciplines

About Oubaitori Competition Squad

Oubaitori Karate Club actively competes at all levels from local interclub to international. Our students don’t all want to compete, and nobody has to compete, ever.

For those that do, we have built the pathways from enjoying sparring and Kata in club, to competing at international levels.

We believe that competition Karate inspires progress, it gives us the ability to live test many of our techniques and to advance our own skill sets by benchmarking against other clubs and teams from around the country and beyond.

There’s no growth in comfort, and for many competition is pretty uncomfortable. Sparring/fighting against strangers who want to win, or pitting your Kata against those from other clubs. We get the invaluable opportunity to learn by training and competing alongside those trained differently to us, in different styles and disciplines.

We actively compete in traditional competition Karate disciplines (Kata and Kumite), as well as kickboxing/freestyle competition Karate disciplines such as points fighting, light continuous, and kick light.

Sensei Matt in Kata Karate Competition

Competition Karate Squad Training

In order to prepare for competition, our competition Karate squad trains frequently in addition to their standard classes.

Competition Karate classes are only available for those who have been training regularly with us and are fully licensed and insured.

Full kit is required for the relevant disciplines before you may attend competition squad training.

Squad trainings are usually held on the weekend, lead by Matt. These sessions are of a singular focus, and tend to be more intense than our regularly scheduled lessons. Squad training asessions are available to anybody who competes or is considering competing.

To ensure our competitors and coaches continue to grow, we regularly attend national squad trainings with the GB Martial Arts Team, and the World Karate Union England Team.

Competition Fixtures

We participate in a number of competition Karate circuits, and some of our competitors wish to compete many times per year.

Unfortunately, we can’t attend all the competitions we would like to, so these are the competitions we believe we will be attending.

This calendar is always being reworked as we like to compete as much as possible. Once competitions have passed, we try to get our results updated below as soon as we can.

October 2023World Karate Union – English Open, Birmingham
October 2023Midlands Martial Arts Competitions, Hinkley
November 2023Peterborough Championship Series, Peterborough
March 2024WKU Interclub, Swadlincote
Peterborough Championship Series, Peterborough
May 2024WKU ICO – British International Open, Birmingham
July 2024Peterborough Championship Series, Peterborough
July 2024Lincolnshire Open
September 2024East of England Martial Arts Competitions, Norwich
October 2024World Karate Union English Open Nationals, Birmingham
October 2024World Karate Union – World Championships – Rhodes, Greece
October 2024Midlands Martial Arts Competitions, Hinkley
November 2024Peterborough Championship Series, Peterborough
International competition – by qualification and selection only
* Competitors qualified, pending selection

Competition Karate Results

Celebrating the triumphs from our squad. We never lose, we only learn.


By Year

By Competition

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Nov ’22Peterborough Championship SeriesKaysie BoyallGirls ContinuousGold
Nov ’22Peterborough Championship SeriesMatt JohnsonAdults ContinuousSilver
Nov ’22Peterborough Championship SeriesMatt JohnsonTraditional Kata Bronze
Nov ’22Peterborough Championship SeriesNick RobertshawAdults ContinuousRunner Up
Nov ’22Peterborough Championship SeriesLeo JohnsonContinuousRunner Up
[1] World Martial Arts Committee – European Championships 2024 Qualifier
[2] World Karate Union World Championships 2023 (Calgary, Canada) Qualifier

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