Peterborough Karate Class Pricing

We like to be as up front as we can about pricing, to be as fair as possible to students (or to their adults, for the children). All students pay monthly by recurring card subscription (like Netflix) or by Direct Debit.

AgePackageFirst Person
Standard Price
Second Person
20% Discount
Third Person
40% Discount
Child (Under 13)Foundation (Once per week)£18.00£14.50£11.00
Child (Under 13)Unlimited£29.00£23.00£17.50
Teen (13-15)Foundation (Once per week)£22.00£17.50£13.00
Teen (13-15)Unlimited£34.00£27.00£20.50
Adult (16+)Foundation (Once per week)£27.00£21.50£16.00
Adult (16+)Unlimited£39.00£31.00£23.50

Household & Family Discount

We offer a household (rather than family) discount, this is because we don’t believe that it is up to us to define “family” and create any limitations there. Instead the discount is available to anybody who lives at the same address as you. The first person from any household pays the normal rate, the second receives a 20% discount, and the third and beyond all receive a 40% discount. This is worked out in descending price order. For example, if a household had an unlimited adult, teen, and child all training, the teen would receive the 20% discount, and the child would receive the 40% discount, regardless of which order they signed up in.

Train For Free With Funding & Scholarships

We don’t want anybody to be unable to train because of their financial circumstances.

For those who it would make a material difference/benefit for, we have funding and scholarships available through our work with the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Nene Park Trust, and Your Community Greenspace.

This is called the Karate for Good Partnership

Learn more about free Karate training

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