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Karate in Peterborough with Oubaitori Karate Club

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Who we are


We are a non-profit Karate Club, based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

We train for self improvement, self defence, and sport. Competing in traditional Karate (Kata and Kumite) and kickboxing (point fighting, light continuous, and kick light) disciplines.

Our overall focus is on practical application of Karate, through training the 3 Ks of Karate – Kihon (basics), Kata (and Bunkai application), and Kumite (sparring).

Our teaching style is fun, engaging and friendly, and is designed to encourage students to continue working and applying effort. We are always aiming for progression, not perfection.



All classes are lead by Sensei Matt Johnson, and assisted by members of our instructing team. All instructors hold DBS Enhanced checks, relevant insurance, first aid and safeguarding qualifications.

Mondays – All Ages

6pm – William Law School, Twelvetree Avenue, PE4 5DT

Our increasingly popular Monday class for all ages, with a focus on traditional Shitoryu-Shukokai karate.

Mondays – Teens & Adults

7pm – William Law School, Twelvetree Avenue, PE4 5DT

Newest addition to our timetable, teens and adults on Mondays focused on traditional Karate and Kumite.

Wednesdays – Teens & Adults

6.30pm – Werrington Leisure Centre, Staniland Way, PE4 6NA

Two hour session split into traditional Karate, and then sport and freestyle Karate and conditioning.

Thursdays – Under 13s

5.30pm – William Law School, Twelvetree Avenue, PE4 5DT

The oldest class on our timetable, fun and energetic freestyle Karate for under 13s.

Fridays – All Ages

6.30pm – Herlington Community Centre, Herlington, PE2 5PW

With the Karate for Good Partnership, this class is an all ages class, with an additional 45 minutes for teens and adults.

Squad Trainings & Seminars

Various Times & Locations

For those wanting a bit more from their training, we have national and international squad trainings and seminars frequently through the year.




Where do I start. After couple of Free lessons that club is offering for new people I decided to join and see how it will develop for me. So far so good. From the moment you enter the class you feel welcomed and part of the team. Matt and Flick are great instructors. I really like the layout of the classes mixing traditional Karate kata with some freestyle drills . I think it works really well. you will learn the moves and how to apply them in real situations.etc brilliantly explained by Matt. Great communication, making sure everyone is on the same page and everyone know what and when is happening. Over all highly recommended club … Go I use those 2 free classes to find out for yourself


Wednesdays / Fridays

The best thing I have done in a long time was walk into OKC Dojo! I joined 7 months after having a baby, they were so encouraging, pushed me the exact right amount and the before and after care was amazing. Not only has this been great for my physical and mental health, I have made friends and built a support network. If you are thinking about starting martial arts don’t hesitate in joing OKC! You will not regret it.



It’s so good! Really welcoming and you learn soooo much! I haven’t been to karate for nearly 30 years but if it was like this back then I would never of stopped. Highly recommend.



Absolutely the best hobby ever. Sensei Matt is way too kind and understanding and he makes sure everyone is safe and happy and not hurt. Senpai is also amazing as if do you get hurt (under rare circumstances) she sits down near you and comforts you.


Mondays / Thursdays

Well what can I say? The guys who run this team are amazing. They are so kinda and caring and fully supportive no matter how you come to there dojo doors. Everybody is welcome no matter what and it is super well known whilst your there that all are welcome. These guys welcome you into there dojo and into there hearts they live and breath for the teaching of somthing so special to them, no step is to big for them to take to make sure this dojo is full of love support dedication and kindness I could go on and on about how amazing this guys are! My children love coming weekly (even if my son only does the warm ups and cool downs) the friendships made here are so strong but not only between the children but the adults aswell the dojo really can feel like your home away from home and big bonus your children are super tired and ready to sleep after a lesson


Get in touch with us, we’re always happy to help

01733 639 192

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