Children’s Karate Werrington

Fun and effective Karate for Kids in Werrington, Peterborough

Children’s Karate in Werrington

We run 2 children’s Karate classes per week in Werrington, Peterborough. The lessons are designed to be fun and engaging while slowly improving the skill and character of the children over time.

Karate is great at improving the self-discipline, fitness, and confidence of children. Our classes begin traditionally. We bow and take a traditional seated position, called Seiza. Then we have a quiet few moments of mindful breathing, called Mokuso. This helps the students to get into the right mindset for training.

Activities in our children’s Karate class

We learn Shukokai Karate. This includes learning the 3 “K”s of Karate.

We start with a warm up. This is a fun and engaging way to improve the fitness of our students. It is also important to help stop injuries during training.

We then work on our basic techniques, such as punching and kicking, called Kihon. Every week is different, and has different activities. We usually incorporate Kata and then Kumite training.

Finally, we make sure every lesson ends on a high, with races or other high-energy activities, before ending the class in a similar way to how it started.

What the children learn

The list of benefits for children training in Martial Arts is huge, from improving their fitness and activity levels, to improving their confidence and self-esteem, learning a new skill.

We find our students (as reported by their adults) learn to resolve conflict in healthier ways, they learn self-discipline and a solid work ethic. That’s before we add in all their newfound techniques – which they’ll be dying to show you!

Werrington Children’s Karate Timetable

Day / Time

5.30pm – 6.45pm


William Law Primary School
Twelvetree Avenue

More Classes

Children are also welcome to train in our all ages classes on Mondays and Wednesdays in Werrington, and Fridays in Orton

Werrington Children’s Karate Instructors

Sensei Matt Johnson

2nd Dan Shukokai Karate
Head Coach, English Champion

Senpai Felicity Johnson

3rd Kyu Shukokai Karate
Assistant Instructor

Sign up for your free trial

All students receive a free 2-lesson trial to make sure that we are the right match!
Did we mention that we’re not-for-profit? That means our only aim is to do good in our community, and to pass on the lessons that were taught to us.

Please don’t worry about what training with us might cost. We have a transparent outline of all costs in our pricing page.

If you think this might stop you from training (or make it difficult) please visit the Karate for Good page.

The Karate for Good page has information about full scholarships and funding that our students can get.

What happens once I have signed up?

After you have filled in the form a member of our team (usually Sensei Matt) will be in touch with you. We will talk to you about why you want your child train and answer any questions that you might have.

We will try to find the right day and class for your child, and make sure everything is ready for their first day in the Dojo!

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