WKU British International Open Results

The results from the World Karate Kickboxing Union British International Open with the International Combat Organisation are open.

👏Wow! What an absolutely fantastic weekend with the WKU and ICO at The British International Open

💪🏻OKC took a squad to the biggest competition of their Martial Arts journey so far, and each and everyone bravely stepped onto the mats and gave it everything they had, most with less than a year’s training/experience so far. We are so very proud of every single one of you.

⭐️ A special shout out to not only those who competed but also helped coach and get the squad ready for their fights, Ciaran, BB, Michelle, Phil, Mindaugas, Steph and Emma, without your help this weekend would of been near impossible.

🥋Well done to our own Senpai Flick who for the first time was an Official and helped ref Creative Kata and Weapons.


Stefan: Silver x2 Kumite, Bronze KickLight, Bronze LightCon, runner up points

Michelle: Silver Kumite

Matt: Bronze Kata, Bronze Kumite

Flick: Bronze x2 Kumite

Leo: Bronze kumite, runner up points, runner up LightCon

Finley: Bronze Kumite

Ciaran: Kata runner up

Oliver: Kata runner up, Kumite runner up

Dom: Kata runner up, Kumite runner up

🌟 Fight Star of the weekend 🌟

Stefan “Lawless” Micu – you had a lot against you whilst recovering from illness, we couldn’t of asked for more with how you conducted yourself.

🌟 Support Star of the weekend 🌟

Prentice “Bleeding Blue” Donaldson – after a serious injury outside of the dojo it meant you were unable to compete in your selected categories this weekend, you still came along for the entire weekend, supported, helped, and dedicated your time even though you were missing out.

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