Oubaitori Karate Club joins World Karate/Kickboxing Union

Exciting news as Oubaitori Karate Club joins the World Karate and Kickboxing Union, the largest Karate and Kickboxing organisation in the World!

Message from Sensei Matthew Hyndman, Head Coach of World Karate Union England – Traditional Karate.

Another proud moment for me as the family grows again with the addition of Oubaitori Karate Club joining as club no.9 .

Oubaitori is run by Sensei Matt Johnson who is the current WKU National Kata and Kumite Champion in the 18 – 34 years group.

Sensei Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience because of his background to the family and I’m sure he will be amazing with the students, especially the children from the other 8 clubs in improving their martial arts or just being a great Sensei to have a chat with as an ex police officer.

Please join me in welcoming Matt, his wife Flick and his students to the family, we will see them at the upcoming Interclub Championships being held in March as well as regulars on the WKU circuit throughout 2024.

A big huge welcome to OKC 🙏

Dare II Dream

Matt Hyndman

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