2024 Grading Changes

Hi everybody

From our next grading in March, we are going to run things slightly differently in the back office.

Currently, we ask members to register and commit to paying for their grading, and then we ask for payment with a deadline of the day before the grading.

As a non-profit we do everything we can do make sure we are as flexible as possible, and do everything with the best interests of the members in mind. As a new non-profit we have to ensure that what we are doing is financially viable.

For various completely valid reasons, often we have students who commit to grading, and then do not grade. Whilst these reasons are completely valid and we totally empathise, the problem it causes us is that we’ve spent Club funds to support those students grading, which we do not then receive back. This has cost hundreds of pounds over the last few gradings.

The change that you’re going to see is that on the March grading, payment will be due 2 weeks before the date of the grading. From June grading onwards payment will be due 4 weeks before the grading. This fee will be refundable if it is the decision of the instructing team for you to not grade. If the decision is not based on readiness and/or is not made by the instructing team, then the fee will be either non-refundable or only part refundable, at the Club’s discretion.

I am sure that you all understand why we have to ensure we protect club funds, and ensure we’re not needlessly spending money, especially whilst we are such a new Club.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Johnson
Head Coach, Oubaitori Karate Club Limited

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