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Karate for Good Partnership

The Karate for Good Partnership sees Oubaitori Karate Club and ToriKai Martial Arts Association working alongside Nene Park TrustYour Community Greenspace Project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The aim of this partnership is to combine the fantastic foundation that Nene Park Trust have built with the expertise, energy, and passion that Oubaitori Karate Club have to bring Karate to more students in Peterborough, with the shared ambition of using Karate as a tool to improve the health and wellbeing of all our students.

We want to make sure that Karate, and all the benefits that training brings, are available to everybody.

We feel very strongly that circumstances should not prevent someone from being able to experience all the benefits that Karate has to offer. Because of this; we are proud to offer a Fund, and a Scholarship, both of which are detailed below.

There is no means testing for any of our funding resources. We make decisions about funding and scholarships compassionately, with the best interests of our students at heart.

Karate for Good Options

Not every solution is right for every person, so we have two different options

Full Scholarship

Perhaps you’re an up-coming shining star, or perhaps Karate provides a phenomenal improvement to your quality of life, perhaps Karate is something that would be amazing for you to try and we all believe it would be really helpful, but the cost is just too much.

That’s where our Scholarship comes in. The scholarship is a full-ride programme, and is tailored to every individual. However a scholarship is a give-and-take relationship, a scholarship is based on an agreement between the Student and the Club.

This makes it an excellent choice for school or other community organisation referrals, upcoming superstars, and all kinds of people who could benefit from the support, who are willing to commit to themselves and to the Club to get that benefit.

Ad-Hoc & Top-Up Funding

The fund provides episodic and partial relief for your training costs. This could be in many forms. For example simply paying what you can for lessons, or support with training equipment such as Gi or Licensing.

The Fund can also help you cover costs for competitions or gradings, and other “one off” costs. For some of us, covering the costs of training is usually doable, but sometimes the additional costs – new equipment, annual licensing, or competition can become prohibitive. This is where the Fund is designed to step in and help.

There are hundreds of reasons that sometimes, additional costs can be just that bit too much of a stretch. Karate is for the betterment of your quality of life and well-being, so adding to financial stress makes that counter-productive.

Apply For Funding

We understand that funding is a complex and private matter. We want to help. Use this form, or speak to a member of our instructing team, to find out more and access the support you want.

Anything you put in this form, or tell our team, remains strictly confidential and is anonymised before being passed on to any funders or outside partners.

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