Karate For Good Scholarship and Fund

The Karate For Good Partnership, wants to make sure that Karate, and all the benefits that training brings, are available to everybody.

We feel very strongly that circumstances should not prevent someone from being able to experience all the benefits that Karate has to offer.

We have partnered with Nene Park Trust, Your Community Greenspace, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, to make sure this is the case. Nobody should lose out on the experience of training in an authentic setting because of their financial circumstances.

We have designated two pathways for you to get the most out of your journey; the Karate For Good Scholarship which is aimed for qualifying individuals to excel in their martial arts journey cost free through our partnership, and the Karate For Good Fund which is a more episodic support system for the various costs that come out of training martial arts, including support such as Pay What You Can, and free and discounted equipment and licenses.

Our mission to teach because we were taught, and to make our teachings available to everyone is, as always, free of any judgement and is here to help us to help our communities.

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