Grading December 2023

Our first official Oubitori Karate Club belt grading, and wow did it go well!

With huge thanks to Sensei Matt Hyndman and Sensei Jill Gibbons from the World Karate Union for attending, and a massive congratulations to the 35 students who successfully graded on the day. Massive results all around and we hope that all our students are as proud of themselves as we are of them! As always a big thank you goes to the parents and families of all our students who support our students all year round. A final thank you to Senpai Flick for helping make sure the day ran smoothly, and to Michelle for making sure the panel remained well oiled throughout the day!

This was also a big grading for two of our students, who absolutely shone through the process and successfully passed their 3rd Kyu Brown Belt gradings – congratulations to Shep and Leo. It’s a huge amount of work and dedication that goes into earning a senior grade, and they were thoroughly deserved.

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