ADHD Karate Peterborough

At Oubaitori Karate Club in Peterborough, we firmly believe that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness. We take pride in our well-structured, ADHD-friendly karate training program, designed to help neurodiverse students unlock their true potential.

Matt, the Oubaitori Karate Club Head Coach, competing in competition. He has ADHD and Autism. Here you can see him performing Kata.

ADHD and Karate: A Perfect Pair

ADHD is short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Usually this is seen as a finding it hard to concentrate, showing impulsive behaviour, and having a constant need for activity. Children with ADHD may struggle to fit into team sports due to their unique challenges.

Our experience at Oubaitori Karate Club has revealed that martial arts, particularly karate, can be highly effective for children with ADHD. Karate helps to channel their hyperactive energy into a productive and disciplined activity. The repetitive and deliberate movements in karate help to improve focus and coordination, building both physical strength and mental resilience.

The Benefits of ADHD Karate Training

Improved Concentration

“Attention and focus are important in any activity, but especially in martial arts.”

In the dojo, concentration is key. Our instructors are skilled at helping students to refocus and provide clear instructions. The physical reset button – a basic stance – helps them to concentrate on the next step.

Enhanced Coordination

Over time, the repetitive and deliberate movements in karate can increase their coordination skills, as they learn how their body moves. This can be really useful for children who have motor skills challenges.

Develop Self-Control

While martial arts teach fighting moves the focus is on self-defence and self-control. Martial arts offers a safe environment for children to work out their anger and frustration. They learn to channel their feelings into practice and learn self-control of their moods.

Structured Learning

Every move is broken down into steps. This makes the learning process easier. As your child practices each step, it becomes easier for them to perform. Instructors are experts at breaking down even seemingly complex moves into easy pieces that play to your child’s strengths and abilities.

Achievable Goals

Karate also helps in setting achievable goals. There is no pressure to move up the belts in a strict timeframe. Students work at their own pace. Instructors help them set goals on an individual basis. This way, your child can grow in confidence with each goal they achieve.

The Oubaitori Difference: ADHD Karate Peterborough

At Oubaitori Karate Club, we offer training that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of our ADHD students. We follow a syllabus that has been designed to boost the concentration, self-control, and confidence. We make the lessons enjoyable and rewarding.

Respect and Positivity

At our club, respect and positivity are integral parts of our training. Students show respect to each other and their instructors. We teach students the importance of showing empathy and kindness.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are experienced in working with students who are differently able. We understand the unique challenges they may face. They give the individual the attention they need to help them thrive.

Fun and Engaging

We make sure our karate classes are always fun, engaging, and interactive. Our lessons are structured to make sure everybody leaves feeling good. We train to prepare for the real world. That means being in control of ourselves and our choices.

Community and Support

We are more than just a karate club. We are a supportive community. Everyone is welcomed and accepted. We provide a safe and encouraging environment. Students form friendships and support each other. In our journeys of personal growth and development we celebrate each other.

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