ToriKai at Peterborough Celebrates!

Over the weekend of May 20th-21st the ToriKai team had a stand at Peterborough Celebrates Festival with Nene Park Trust, and it was awesome!

We had a great, sunburning time at Peterborough Celebrates Festival, and would like to extend a very sincere thanks to Nene Park Trust for inviting us and allowing us to have a stand.

For the number nerds;

18 hours spent at the festival
30+ members of the team contributed to our success
130+ trials/demos given
45 people/families signed up across the classes
12 Gregs sausage rolls consumed
2 goodest doggos

I want to extend a huge, huge thank you to everybody that helped, trained, did trial sessions and otherwise engaged with us over the weekend.

Unfortunately the team were so busy having fun we forgot to get many pictures!

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