Congratulations, to all who graded!

Last Sunday (5th of February) we held our first grading of 2023, and what a roaring success it was!

Another busy grading for us at ToriKai Martial Arts, where some of our students graded for their next belts. We’d like to congratulate everyone who passed, but we’d also like to extend our sincere thanks to the team of panelists who helped make the day happen, and to all the students who made the decision that they wanted to learn and improve some more before attempting their next grade. That kind of maturity and self-awareness is something we should all aspire to.

It was a long day but you all demonstrated outstanding etiquette, discipline, technical capability, and heart. You’re all doing an amazing job at keeping the standard high for all those who follow you along the path.

Special mention to (now) Senpai Flick, on achieving her 3rd Kyu, and being awarded the title of Senpai from our Chief Instructor, Shihan Brian.

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