2022 Awards Ceremony

So as the year drew to a close, we held our first awards ceremony, which we are sincerely hoping becomes an annual occurrence for us here at ToriKai. A thoroughly enjoyable night was had by all and we look forward to this becoming a staple of the ToriKai calendar.

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Sensei Woolley and Flick for organising, to Mrs Woolley for generously catering the event, Nene Valley Entertainment for providing the disco and PA system on the night and to Stanground Powerleague for having us.

Students Student Awards

The Student’s Student Awards were awarded based on nominations by students, these awards are from the perspective of the Students, and the nomination reasons were fantastic to read. We’d like to congratulate Student’s Student Award winners Kaysie Boyall, Liam Donavan, Matt Corney, and Nick Robertshaw (who couldn’t be there on the night).

Sensei & Shihan’s Awards

Next up were the Sensei’s Awards, who were nominated by the Head Coaches to receive awards for outstanding effort, contribution, behaviour, attitude, and progress. Congratulations to Tyrone Senior, Leo Johnson, and Terry Woods on receiving these awards.

Finally, we have the Shihan’s Award, awarded for the same reasons as the Sensei’s Awards, but nominated by our Chief Instructor, Shihan Brian, for setting the standard for students across the association. Congratulations to Senpai Nathan Evans on receiving the Shihan’s Award 2022.

Some Surprise Awards

In addition to the Student’s Student, Sensei’s and Shihan Awards; there were a few surprise awards, too.

Sensei Matt was awarded Coach of the Year by the Head Coaches, and Flick was presented with a bouquet of flowers in thanks for all of her contributions to the smooth running of the club, in addition to being a student herself.

And lastly, congratulations to Sensei Martin Bees, on being awarded his 4th Dan!

After many years of dedication and hard work, I’m thrilled to announce that in a final award of 2022, Sensei Martin Bees received the grade of 4th Dan Black Belt

Then there was one final surprise of the evening, as Sensei Woolley had arranged customised awards for the Head Coaches which he presented as a final piece of the awards ceremony.

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