Sparring training with PTKA

On Sunday 26th February a few of us from ToriKai got up and headed down to join the guys at Phil Tuner Kickboxing Academy for a friendly sparring session.

Thank you to the students who got up early on Sunday morning to have a joint session and train with the students at PTKA.

After a quick ten minute warm up everyone padded up, the timer was set, you could be on or off the mats, but if you’re on, you’re sparring. An hour and thirty minutes later it’s safe to say not many were left on the mats and everyone had given their all and felt it by the end of the session. Not that we can blame them after doing anywhere up to about 50 rounds!

We want to thank everyone at PTKA for making us feel welcome and allowing our students to spar with some fresh faces, we’re looking forward to the next one.


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