Peterborough Championship Series 2023 – Squad Announced

Since our first competition back in November, our students have been working hard to prepare for the next competition. Something we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed. Now, our registrations are in for the Peterborough Championship Series 2023 #1.

2023 Peterborough Championship Series #1 Squad

It is with great pride we announce our squad for the upcoming competition (below), it takes a huge amount of dedication and courage to compete in Martial Arts, let alone a competition of this size. Our squad have all worked very hard, and we’re incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

CompetitorCompeting In
Shihan Brian WhatfordTraditional Kata (Veterans)
Traditional Kata
Sensei Matt JohnsonTraditional Kata
Senpai Nathan EvansTraditional Kata
Points Sparring
Light Continuous
Senpai Felicity JohnsonLight Continuous
Kaysie BoyallPoints Sparring
Leo JohnsonTraditional Kata
Light Continuous
Ben AlexanderPoints Sparring
Harley AlexanderLight Continuous
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