Team ToriKai Qualifies 3 Squad Members for WMAC Euros 2024

An amazing weekend for our Competition Squad at the East of England Martial Arts Competition (qualifier for the European Games 2024), where 3 of our squad members qualified, across 5 categories.

Saturday the 1st of April our squad headed down to Norwich to get a jump on the travel in the morning, squad dinner and on to meet our friends from FSK.

Out to a great venue Sunday the 2nd of April for the East of England Martial Arts Competition. Sensei Matt was honoured to be asked by Master Chris Hemstock and Shihan Dave Treadwell to join the traditional Kata judging panel.

Early out was Leo Johnson onto Area 1 in his traditional Kata category, where he performed the Shitoryu Kata, Annanku, to a really high standard with great etiquette, earning himself a Silver medal.

Next out was Shihan Brian Whatford performing Sienchin and Sensei Matt Johnson performing Suparinpei in the Open Black Belts Traditional Kata. Really strong performances in the most competitive category of the day, unfortunately no podium finishes for either in this category.

Senpai Nathan Evans hit the mats next, performing Sienchin in 3rd-1st Kyu Kata, earning himself a Silver medal with a really strong performance, a well deserved first trip to the podium for him.

Shihan Brian Whatford up next for Veterans Kata, in another tough category following a second place tie break with Annanku, Shihan walked away with a Silver Medal.

Leo Johnson out for his Continuous Sparring rounds, where he put everything on the line to fight as hard as he could against some highly skilled opponents, walking away with a Bronze Medal.

Finally, Nathan Evans returned to the mats for his Kumite bouts, against Shihan Dave Treadwell (FSK, GB Martial Arts Team) and Phil Turner (PTKA Kickboxing), and fighting with great heart throughout, scoring some really good gyaku zuks, earning his Bronze Medal in Traditional Kumite.

All in all it was a great day, we thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the standard was high, and we look forward to the next one.

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