WKU British Open 2023 Results

It’s been less than 6 months since ToriKai started competing, and Shihan Brian Whatford has already reclaimed his British title, the club now sports a British Champion and 3 British Silver Medalists!

We’d like to preface this post with a thank you to Del Sampson and his team at World Karate Union, losing a venue days before an event of thousands of people can only be a migraine in the making, and they recovered very well.

First out was Leo Johnson in his Kata category, where he pulled out a stellar performance, certainly the best we’ve seen from him so far, and bagging himself a silver medal for Ananku.

Next out was Sensei Matt and Senpai Nath in the senior grades 18-34 Katas, performing Suparinpei and Sienchin, respectively. No podium finishes for either competitor in this highly competitive category, but great performances overall.

Straight out next was Shihan Brian Whatford’s category for senior grades aged over 35. An absolutely flawless performance from him, and a well deserved British title for his efforts.

Following an agonising wait between Kata and Kumite, Senpai Nath was out for his Kumite category, earning himself a silver medal, immediately followed by Sensei Matt earning his silver medal in a ferocious battle for the title.

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