Peterborough Championship Series 2023 #1 Results

The ToriKai squad had a great day at Peterborough Championship Series 2023 #1, and here is our recap from the day;

Starting the day strong Shihan Brian Whatford went out into Veterans Kata with Sienchin, a tough category in which he brought home Silver, losing out on Gold to Shihan Dave of Furi Sutairu Shotokan Karate (FSSK), coach of the Great Britain Martial Arts Team.

Next out was Leo Johnson in the Under 9s Intermediate Traditional Kata, who put on a brilliant performance, the standard in his category was very high and he narrowly missed out on Bronze, placing 4th in his first time out in Kata.

Kaysie Boyall was out next in her Girls Points category, she fought like a warrior and never shied away from the challenge. This time out she was unfortunately drawn out first fight against a very experienced fighter, who went on to win 2 Golds through the day.

Then onto the largest category of the day, Advanced Traditional Kata, in which Senpai Nathan Evans, Sensei Matt Johnson, and Shihan Brian Whatford were all entered. The standard was exceptionally high and Sensei Matt was fortunate enough to place bronze with Suparinpei, losing out on Gold/Silver to 2 exceptional and deserving international GB Martial Arts Team competitors. Shihan Brian and Senpai Nath drew for 4th place with Suparinpei and Sienchin, respectively.

As we moved towards the adults fighters young Harley Alexander went out for his first competitive fight and blew us all away with his performance. He fought exceptionally well against a very capable competitor, showing aggression, speed, technique. Unfortunately due to lack of kicks he narrowly missed out on Gold. A fantastic experience for his first time out, and raring to get back out and into more competitions.

Nathan Evans went out in his first ever points fight, which was an eye opening experience against a competitor with experience and reach on his side. An unlucky result for Nathan this time out, but a great experience for him.

Felicity Johnson headed out for her first ever continuous fight against a competitor who’d already shown heart and skill on the day, and she fought exceptionally well. With great footwork and composure she narrowly missed out on placing Gold in her fight in a performance she can only be pleased with.

A chance of redemption for Nathan Evans as he headed back onto the mats for Light Continuous, and in stark contrast to his previous fight, and his previous performances, he fought with speed and aggression, unfortunately for Nathan his category is full of experience and this was only his second competition, so he lost the judges decision, but has made outstanding progress since our last competition.

Finally, Ben Alexander headed out for his first veterans points fight, his first against a skilled competitor from another club with a considerable size advantage. Bringing the score back to 11-8 in the dying seconds of the fight. A great experience for Ben that’s left him buzzing for more, and an outstanding response to coaching.

This competition was also the first time for Sensei Matt to sit on a judging panel for a Traditional Kata Competition, with huge thanks to Sensei Hicks and Shihan Dave Treadwell for the opportunity.

As always it was great to see our friends and training partners from the Karate and Kickboxing communities, we look forward to seeing them all against next time.

We’d also like to extend our huge thanks to the wider club who supported our squad in the run up on training days, supporting us online, and those who came to the competition to show their support and make sure everything ran correctly.

To all of our competitors and club members, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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